Arjan Timmermans
(Annika Wells publicity photo via Facebook)

Annika Wells is full of surprises. The pop newcomer, who recently signed to Vol. 1/Epic Records, keeps the vibe playful on her new single, “F**k Being Sober.” Wells refers to “red cups,” “pouring it up,” and “drinking money away” that may lead you to believe that she’s solely interested in stirring a little ruckus. But she has a surprise for you: When you listen more closely and absorb the song’s melancholic sonics, a poignant message surfaces that’s thoughtful and timely. Wells encourages us to be present in the moment and live it up a little. Time is precious and celebrating happy little moments with people close to us can make a world of difference while we’re all stuck at home. Wells’ rebellious spirit and gift for writing unveil a promising pop debutant who surely has more surprises up her sleeve.