Arjan Timmermans
(Greyson Chance publicity photo)

Greyson Chance writes music that heals the soul. There’s an immense healing quality to Chance’s music that resonates far and wide. Written and performed straight from the heart, his new single, “Holy Feeling,” is a perfect example of that. It’s an uplifting, soul-baring number that Chance crafted following a mental health struggle last year. “I fell into mind-numbing anxiety,” Chance candidly shared on Twitter. “And I didn’t think I was good enough to continue as an artist.” They say the only way out is through, and that’s exactly what “Holy Feeling” represents to me. It’s like the moment when you come back up for air and reconnect to all the wonder in the world. “Holy Feeling” underlines Chance’s innate artistry. He’s creating music for all the right reasons, selflessly and truthfully, to uplift himself and others. Greyson Chance is the light we can turn to when we need it most.

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