How Marisa Maino Makes Pop Fun Again

Arjan Writes
3 min readMay 18, 2022


If there’s one thing to know about Marisa Maino’s “Growing Up Can Go To Hell” is that it’s a gloriously perfect pop song. The track has been stirring up a storm of interest among pop fans who adore the pop purity of the song and instantly relate to Maino’s story of teenage nostalgia. I met up with the pop singer and songwriter to chat more about the song, her move to Nashville, her work with Tramp Stamps, and the thrill of songwriting.

Marisa Maino was born and raised just outside of Detroit, MI, and moved to Nashville a few years ago to pursue a career in music. “I think I just went there because I knew I could sing, and I didn’t really know what else to do,” she smiles. “I remember watching Bea Miller on X-Factor, and I was like, that’s the coolest thing ever. I want to do that.”

She quickly settled in Nashville and became a respected go-to pop writer who now releases music as a solo artist and as part of pop outfit Tramp Stamps. Both projects are a priority for Maino. “I’m a Gemini so I have a split personality,” she smiles. “No, I’m kidding, but seriously, it really depends on the concept and lyrical idea if it’s good for me or a better fit for Tramp Stamps.”

Her new single “Growing Up Can Go To Hell” is a superb slice of brilliant pop writing that shows Maino’s knack for big, hooky melodies and vivid, relatable storytelling. “My lyricism is witty and honest,” she explains. “I like a lot of words, and I like putting a little humor in my lyrics too. I cope through humor, so there’s gotta be a little tinge of funny in there.”

Maino is a skillful songwriter who enjoys getting the very most out of the classic song structure without forcing it. It’s important for her that it shouldn’t have to be explained how song parts fit together. She says, “It’s truly about making sure that all the parts of the song do what they are supposed to do. Intuitively, you need to feel what’s the verse, the rising action of the pre-chorus, and the big release chorus.”

“I like a lot of words, and I like putting a little humor in my lyrics too. I cope through humor, so there’s gotta be a little tinge of funny in there.”

She has a deep love for the bridge of a pop song that’s been making a return lately following an era of songs that emphasized one single sentiment and vibe throughout the song. “Bridges have been underrated,” she laughs. “It seemed people stopped wanting to talk. I love a good bridge because it gives me space to say more.”

“Growing Up Can Go To Hell” is all about the perfect song structure and a killer bridge reflecting the peak pop era of the late ’00s, with artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga ruling the charts. It should come as no surprise that Perry is a big songwriting inspiration for Maino.

The pop singer worked with Sarah Troy and Mike Robinson on “Growing Up Can Go To Hell.” It took a moment for the track to take shape. But after Maino picked up a guitar during the writing session to inject the creative process with fresh new energy, the team started bouncing ideas back and forth, and the song quickly came together in a few minutes.

“Growing Up Can Go To Hell” is an excellent example of why the joy of songwriting drives Maino’s artistry. It’s not about writing songs for fame or wanting to be a pop star. She defines success differently. “[I love] the feeling that you get when you write a song,” she explains. “When you start with nothing and then all of a sudden you’ve pulled something out of thin air, and it feels and sounds exactly the way that it should. That’s success for me. It’s the best feeling in the world.”



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