Isaac Dunbar photo by Harshvardhan Shah

Isaac Dunbar is the next big pop star about to happen. I’m not late to the party. I’m just telling you now. I first came across Isaac in the spring of 2018 around the release of the very good “freshman of the year.” That track introduced the world to Dunbar’s distinct brand of pop. Since then, the pop prodigy has continued to release a steady stream of music that just keeps getting better and better. From the hooky ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend” (a personal favorite of mine) to the outspoken “miss america” and the Joel Little-produced “Love, Or The Lack Thereof.” I’m incredibly bullish on Dunbar. He fuses big poppy hooks with introspective storytelling that conveys a strong sense of self. He’s inspiring. Fans of Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish will be in for a treat.