Why Killboy is the pop star the world needs

Killboy is one of those rare, refreshing talents who storm onto the scene with a sound, aesthetic, and point of view that’s instantly compelling. Making her way from Texas to Los Angeles via Nashville, this purple-loving, mullet-bearing, and self-proclaimed music nerd whips up mighty pop smashers entirely at her own terms.

Case in point is Killboy’s new single, titled “I F**k Everything Up,” that she unveiled this week. The track is a perfect introduction to Killboy’s raw and transparent style of making music that’s an immediate reflection of her life.

“[The new single] is really just a theme song of my whole life,” Killboy tells me while riding her bike out in Van Nuys. “The lyrics are like ‘alright, I just start over,’ and that happened so many times in my life. With school, friends, and music.”

But regardless of the many twists and turns she had to face in the past, Killboy is now entirely committed to making her new music project work. “I used to have this urge to say, ‘it’s just not working, I’ve done too much, I’ve screwed up too much, but I’m not going to do it this time, I’m really committed. This is my one thing with Killboy I’m not going to give up on.”

Killboy’s music is an invigorating blend of pop that crosses styles and doesn’t fit any particular label. Her songs are incredibly catchy, plus it’s produced to perfection. “I always wanted to play live shows and be a performer,” Killboy explains. “Producing just came from not knowing any producers who wanted to produce for free, and I was poor, so I had to learn how to produce my music if I wanted to do music.”

The emerging pop star also worked in a proper Britney “Oops, I Did It Again” Spears reference into the new single as a homage. “The two artists that I listened to when I grew up were Britney and NSYNC. I can do really good Britney impressions and everything,” she laughs. “[The timing of it] has nothing to do with what’s going on [with her] right now. I wrote the song a year ago. It’s just a coincidence.”

Listen to Killboy “I F**k Everything Up” on Apple Music. If you want to dig deeper into some of her music, I also highly recommend listening to “U + Me” that’s one of my favorite Killboy tracks.



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