Arjan Writes
1 min readMar 1, 2023
(The Scarlet Opera publicity photo)

Pop newcomers The Scarlet Opera have just released their new single “Alive,” and it’s one of the most noteworthy pop records I’ve heard in a long while. Unashamedly pop, it’s a big and bright song about living in the moment despite all the tragedy in the world.

“There is a feeling, there is a moment, there is a memory worth having,” says charismatic frontman Luka Bazulka. “To me, that’s what this song means. It’s my one last fatal attempt at keeping the party alive.”

“Alive” was written and produced by Bazulka and his band, together with hitmaker David Stewart. Stewart is responsible for recent hits by BTS (“Dynamite”), Jonas Brothers (“What A Man Gotta Do”), and Ava Max (“Million Dollar Baby”).

As someone who values authenticity in music, I appreciate The Scarlet Opera’s commitment to creating pop music that is both fun and meaningful. They don’t shy away from the genre’s inherent sensibilities but instead embrace them wholeheartedly, infusing their music with a sense of optimism, joy, and acceptance.

The group sums it up perfectly in a recent tweet: “Welcome to the place you can be unapologetically yourself, welcome to The Scarlet Opera.”