Arjan Timmermans

Late last year, I wrote about Role Model’s terrific ‘Alive,’ which is one of my favorite songs of 2020. It’s a wildly unique, pioneering pop production that seamlessly blends elements from across the genre spectrum. Role Model (born Tucker Pillsbury) returned last week with a brand-new single, titled ‘forever&more,’ that further details the artist’s burgeoning brand of pop. Accentuated by jangling, slightly distorted guitars and a steady drum groove, Role Model keeps the vibe carefree and hopeful with a tender story about new-found love. ‘forever&more’ hits fever pitch in the chorus with the help of a candy-coated string section that injects the song with just the right dose of pop euphoria. Role Model continues to carve out his own unique niche by innovatively combining compelling pop writing with forward production stylings that have tons of artistic merit.