Spencer Sutherland’s latest single is one of his smoothest ones to date. Paranoia” packs a deliciously hooky, 80s-infused punch that makes it sound both timely and timeless. That was Sutherland’s exact intent. “I think I wrote the most perfect song for an 80s movie in 2021,” he says on TikTok. Lyrically, Sutherland matches the breezy and upbeat sonics of the song, but there’s more to his story about letting love run free by exploring the world. There are not-so-subtle references to recent challenges with lyrics like, “We saw the world’s Armageddon, we saw it snowing in June.” That sentiment brings us back to the title of the song, “Paranoia,” which captures Sutherland’s desire to live it up, but worries are holding him back. These conflicting emotions acknowledge how many of us feel, making “Paranoia” a song that offers comfort and escape.