Swedish House Mafia: Don’t call it a comeback

(Swedish House Mafia publicity photo)

It would have been easy for Swedish House Mafia to ride their legacy and return to the scene with new music that picks up exactly where they left off. Their comeback single could have been a safe and proven EDM-styled pop stomper that would have spurred nostalgia but not come close to the wild potential of the trio’s mastery. Swedish House Mafia has always had an appetite for exploring the rougher edges of popular dance music. Classics like “Antidote” and “Greyhound” are prime examples of that. Their new single, brilliantly titled “It Gets Better,” is an equally adventurous tour-de-force. It’s ruled by blistering percussion, flaming synths, and classic house tinges with big, uplifting vocals. The best thing about it? The track doesn’t fit any mold. It introduces a bold new chapter for the three Swedes, but it also sets the tone for a new era of dance music. By its very nature, dance music will continue to morph into exciting new directions. But leave it to Swedish House Mafia to set off tremors that can abruptly change the course of the entire genre. It’s great to have Axwell, Ingrosso, and Angello back together doing what they do best: pioneering house music that’s commercially viable and artistically sound.



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